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Burnside P355 GSM Desk Phone

Burnside P355 GSM Desk Phone

Ref: Burnside P355

169.00 each (Ex VAT at 20%) 

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The Burnside P355 is the latest model in our P300 range of GSM desk phones designed for the wireless office and home. These combine the simplicity of a landline phone with the flexibility of a mobile phone. Any standard mobile SIM is all that is required for instant connection to the network. The Burnside P355 includes features that are not available on ordinary handheld phones, but are essential to efficient office phone communications.

Anyone can install the P355 and use it without having to read a manual. The large keys are easy to see and select without making a mistake. Just dial a number and pick up the handset for a fast connection. When it rings, just pick up the handset or press the handsfree key.

The P355 includes many features that are not available on ordinary handheld mobiles but are helpful for call management. For example, Burnside Easy Call Transfer allows incoming calls to be transferred by the user to any other phone (Subject to network) . Handsfree answering, headset and call recording options provide convenience in a very wide range of applications. Microsoft TAPI compatibility allows power dialling from computer-based applications.

P355 Desk Phone Features

- Quad-band GSM for worldwide phone, SMS and Internet connections
- Easier and quicker to install, with lower call costs than landlines
- Clear visual display, for easy set up and use without a manual
- Excellent voice quality, using Burnside Crystal technology
- External antenna works in areas where GSM signal is poor
- Advanced office phone features, including Easy Call Transfer
- SMS send and receive from the phone keypad or your PC
- Accommodates plug-in headset or Bluetooth connection
- Handsfree operation with built-in loudspeaker
- Power supply with integral battery backup provides constant availability
- Permanent, shareable and reliable resource
- Optional wall mounting accessory for safety and security
- Lead-free RoHS compliant
- Designed, manufactured and supported in the UK

The Burnside P355 Desktop GSM Phone comes complete with a UK mains power adapter and has a 12 month manufacturers warranty.

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